Grid: new sustainable housing prototype

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Last year, during the Sydney Architecture Festival 2012 (24 Oct- 4 Nov) debuted the last project by Carterwilliamson Architects. The prototype was built in Martin Place in Sydney CBD.

In a world increasingly challenged by both man-made and natural disasters, Grid has been designed as a sustainable housing prototype that can be configured to suit almost any climate or orientation and can be readily and cheaply transported to diverse and remote locations around the globe.

Arriving flat-packed, Grid can be assembled quickly and has the potential to make a significant difference when applied to a range of medium to long-term housing solutions, it could also provide immediate solutions to industry as it moves to frontier locations. Most importantly, by providing refuge and security for families and communities in crisis, Grid can give back to societies in need everywhere. 

Beyond emergency relief, Grid is a flexible module of space that could be used as a holiday house, a remote research laboratory, even mining accommodation; whatever can be conceived of in 37.5sqm.

The strategy was to devise both an 'ideal' and a 're-use' system that could operate interchangeably in all conditions. In disaster zones the materials would comprise objects and materials retrieved from debris.

The shelter is based on a 2.4 metre unit system in response to standard material lengths and truck load capacity. It can be assembled in one day by 2 people and has the capacity to house 8-10 people with a mezzanine level for sleeping and privacy.

Watch the VIDEO of the costruction in Sydney.

Image courtesy Brett Boardman

    Grid 22


    Sydney / Australia / 2012