Ukraine: the Ecohotel designed by the Ryntovt Design Studio

Wood, clay, stone and bamboo for a green and eco-friendly design

by Malcolm Clark
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In Ukraine, located in the forest near the river Orel, 30 kilometres away from Dnepropertrovsk, Ryntovt Design Studio has created the Ecohotel «Friend House». It is a single level unit complex with open spaces, parks, gardens and terraces covering a total area of about 1,750 square metres.

The distinguishing feature of the intervention by Yuriy Ryntovt consists of having used exclusively natural materials, from wood to clay, to bamboo, while the skeleton of the building is designed in wood and stone.

The individual cocoon-shaped modular units, perforated by porthole-like openings that filter the light, are held together by a single large roof plate. All the furnishings and lighting systems of the environments have been specially designed by Ryntovt Design Studio.

Amongst the green areas surrounding the Ecohotel, there is even a garden with apple trees. According to an ancient local legend, a good farmer has the duty of inviting guests twice during the year, once in Spring in the blossoming period of the trees and a second time in the summer when the fruit is harvested.

    Ecohotel «Friend House» 153

    Ecohotel «Friend House»

    Oblast' di Dnipropetrovs'k / Ukraine / 2012