Kenya. Excellence in Architecture

Some of Kenyan Architecture Masterpieces

by Alice Green
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Here are the award winners of the architectural profession in Kenya, ranked by the most elaborate performance first.

1.     Lamu Apartments. Let’s start off with saying Lamu is an island, located close to the ocean, and the apartments represent a unique mix of Arab and Swahili culture. Situated in the middle of the rich urban neighborhood, Lamu attracts attention as one of the most gorgeous sites up the alley. The building itself combines the geometric pattern with the materialistic features, creating fine lines that make the overall impression unforgettable.

2.     The Karen Enkaji House. Originally, this building was inspired by a traditional Maasai design. Later, however, the owner decided to renovate both the exterior and the interior, giving the landmark a contemporary look. It now has an edge to it, and the architects did their best to mingle the seemingly opposite styles. A terrace is present and a solar water heating system that adds to the charm and technological appeal of the place. It’s definitely a stay for anyone in love with loft!

3.     Sultan Palace Beach Retreat. This is a selection of holiday homes of the highest class, basically a hotel, featuring ruby houses, emerald condos and white, sandy beaches where one can have the time of their lives by simply relaxing in the sand with a good book. It is a resort you’ve been dreaming of, and you can immediately say it is going to be a huge hit with its 144 apartments, 16 villas and 50 townhouses. For anyone wondering, it is widely known as a hotel using indigenous materials primarily and incorporating the Swahili culture into the landscape.

4.     Lockwood Apartments. Just imagine the sixteen furnished apartments with the central conditioning system and a great architecture. Its balconies and terraces allow you to chill in the fresh air and the system of using private space is truly amazing. For people, who prefer natural ventilation and are not fond of fakes, there is a natural material option and minimalistic style guarantee, which basically means you will be living in the heart of nature.

5.    Enashipai Resort and Spa. This is definitely a place of all things happy, as the architects were inspired by ethnic designs in style. You can have a full home day treat on a private terrace or enjoy your relaxation and spa therapy on one of the guest house’s open spaces which truly resemble the spirit of Africa.


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