The Trans(AP)parencies 2013

Open call for East Centric Architecture Triennale

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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Arhitext design Foundation has launched an open call for the selection of the projects to be presented at the 

Trans(ap)parencies 2013 East Centric Architecture Triennale.

Inheriting a common history, the architecture of this region defines its identity today by making renewed use of local resources and by taking a critical stance with respect to international mainstream trends. For this reason the need for a thematic exhibition.

More than twenty years ago, the countries from Eastern, South-Eastern and Central Europe were reintegrated into the world-system, of which the symmetrical promises of communism had been previously substracted, by democratic promises of the capital. Since then, and especially with the current systemic crisis – the expression of which was constituted, let us not forget, precisely the inflation of architecture in tandem with the scarcity of democracy –, the promise that transparency will replace the symmetry and equality, that political architecture is available at least visual and epistemic to everyone, that decisions are taken, with the participation at least spectacular in front of everyone, proves more than just a purpose built facade.

This open call responds to the constant need to identify the most recent examples of quality architecture. Targeting both emerging offices and well-established practitioners, it is a public request which gives the opportunity to outline a complete, and thus more relevant image of the architecture built in the last 5 years in Central and Eastern Europe. 

The participants must be architects, designers, urban planners, landscape architects or architecture, design, urban planning or landscape architecture offices from any of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. All submitted projects will have been finalized in the period 2008-2013. All projects must be submitted by 11 April 2013.