Malabo: the Sipopo Congress Center designed by Murat Tabanlioglu

Architecture for negotiations and peace in African countries surrounded by a metal envelope

by Malcolm Clark
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Located in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, SIPOPO Congress Center was designed by Tabanlioglu Architects in 2011 to host the African Union Assembly, the annual meeting between the 54 member countries of the continent.

The architecture is developed on two levels covering an area of about 12,000 square meters, which includes three main areas, namely the one covering the convention center, a central meeting center and a restaurant with views over both the sea and the equatorial forest.

The volume, with simple and regular lines, is characterized by a metal envelope of geometrical mesh that, in addition to having aesthetic value, allows solar radiation to be limited, thanks to  the steel mesh progressively thinning from top to bottom.

The Sipopo Congress Center was created as part of the recent programme of urban planning of the north eastern coast of Malabo, the result of a significant economic increase of the country, due to the presence of rich oil deposits.

    SIPOPO Congress Center 114

    SIPOPO Congress Center

    Malabo / Equatorial Guinea / 2011