The new extreme school

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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"It’s a labyrinth of ideas, a cabinet of curiosities, a place where unspecified objects will be born as a sign of astonishment: this is how TAM TAM people describe themselves. Get ready for it, and go! Show them your D-factor!

The selection process for the opening of the new school TAM-TAM conceived by the design masters Alessandro Mendini, Riccardo Dalisi and Alessandro Guerriero was opened yesterday, at the Triennale of Milan.

The TAM TAM project has the aim of becoming a free "no school" of excellence about visual arts activity. Its director Alessandro Guerriero invited design masters to share their experiences and donate their time.

The spaces are borrowed and there is no true headquarters. The main hub is located at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan.

The school is open to everyone who wants attend to the lessons and workshops, without any specific requirements to be admitted, paying an annual admission fee of 50€.

Each teacher can organize their lessons, the duration and the subject independently, always assisted by groups of collaborators. Lesson time will be always scheduled during the evening after 6 pm.

The list of teachers is quite impressive. It includes, amongst others, Lorenzo Palmieri, with a course of sound design, Bubble design with classes of food scape and eco-design and Jacqueline Cerasoli, focussing on relational art. The controvercial artist Maurizio Cattelan will amaze everyone with a surprise course. “I don't teach, but something I will do!”.

Check out the video presentation of the project!