Florentijn Hofman imagines a 'Little Factory' in Drachten

A three-dimensional steel pictogram as a provocation against industrial parks

by Malcolm Clark
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Florentijn Hofman's 'Little factory' is a large three-dimensional pictogram located in an industrial area and made with a steel frame and corrugated steel sheets.

The Dutch artist and designer's work is located in Noord Azeven along the N31, an industrial site near Drachten.

The Little Factory project seeks to challenge the architecture of industrial parks, but above all provide a provocation of the use of these areas, an approach that characterizes all Hofman's work. The critical position of the designer with respect to the modern world, induces him to the unlikely magnification of an icon or a work, with the aim of encouraging a reflection on the 'smallness' of man.

It is not, therefore, just an isolated sculpture-architecture, but Little Factory was designed to also be used as a studio for an artist within in a residential housing program.