Hub 01: the modular students residence by dmvA and A3 Ontwerpburo

When design becomes an educational project based on the principles of mobility and innovation

by Malcolm Clark
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The HUB 01 - Student Housing of the Future project commissioned by the Dutch Katho Academy and designed by architectural firms dmvA Architects and A3 ontwerpburo-Art,Architecture And more, was presented at the last edition of the Design Biennale Interieur that took place in Kortrijk, Belgium.

This is a modular and mobile student residence, which is environmentally friendly and innovative at the same time. Designed to allow students separate and personalized workspaces, Hub 01 consists of a series of housing units, each one of which is distinguished by a different design concept.

The project presented at 'Interieur' consisted of three modular units of 6 square meters each, with space for work-study, a bedroom and bathroom, designed to be independent environments where you can work without distractions.

Hub 01 has been designed as a student residence of the future, where design becomes cultural educational project dedicated to key features like mobility, originality and sustainability. The solutions adopted for the different units range from the roof equipped with solar panels, to the green façades and walkable terraces with skatepark.

    HUB 01 - Student Housing of the Future 94

    HUB 01 - Student Housing of the Future

    Kortrijk / Belgium / 2012