Hotel Droog: the one room hotel in Amsterdam

A place to read, eat, entertain and maybe even stay overnight

by Malcolm Clark
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Hotel Droog, the hotel for only two people designed by Droog Design, which reinterprets the unusual and original concept of hospitality, is located in the centre of Amsterdam, near Waterloo Square.

The project stems from the expansion of an interior design shop, which has been transformed into a multi-faceted place where you can not only shop, but also eat, drink, entertain, visit exhibitions, participate in initiatives on design and even stay overnight.

The one bedroom, with living room and kitchen, is located on the top floor of the building, overlooking the rooftops of Amsterdam. Hotel Droog also contains three shops, a café-restaurant and a garden open to the public.

The latter is characterized by its visionary green atmosphere with hives, bird houses, a mushroom-shaped woodshed and curious objects, one of the three shops, the one which sells Weltevree products, re-proposes the scenery from outside, as if it were an extension of the garden.

At the top level we can find Cosmania, the shop with an assortment of cosmetics, and Het Kabinet, the clothing boutique. The café-restaurant, is located above the street level, overlooking the garden. All the spaces are strictly characterized by the presence of Droog products for a full immersion in Dutch design.

    Hotel Droog 62

    Hotel Droog

    Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2012