When you look in the mirror, do you smile?

The Meerror: series of photos by Leonardo Magrelli

by Valentina Ieva
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Italian photographer Leonardo Magrelli shows what mirrors reflect when we are not present in front of them, a moment that will never be seen because of our modification. 


"The Meerror project consists in a series of photos taken facing a mirror, so we should see ourselves reflected in it, but we don’t, as if we were invisible" Leonardo said.


"The result are real images, that exist in the world, but that we can never witness, for we are their own interference. In fact, we will never be able to observe directly what a mirror shows when we are not facing it, because every time we step in front of it, the image that was reflected a moment before is modified by our appearance. Only disappearing, we can observe reality without alterations".

"Even if his words do not refer to digital photography, on the matter I like to quote Todd Hido: “I shoot sort of like a documentarian but I print like a painter. All my stuff is shot with natural light on a tripod. Untouched, and unstaged […]. In the darkroom I’ll twist it all around in anyway I find that works, that still feels real to me.”

Moreover, in this case, only through the manipulation of the image, we are able to see what nor our eyes neither the camera lens could."

Born in Rome in 1989. In 2010 Leonardo starts working with the photographer Marco Delogu, director of Fotografia – International Rome’s Photography Festival, and chief editor of the publishing house Punctum Press. In 2011 starts collaborating with the graphic and book designer Riccardo Falcinelli. In 2014 starts working on his own, in order to focus much more on his photography. In the last years his works has been published in several printed and online photography magazines, and has been displayed in collective expositions and festivals.



All images courtesy of Leonardo Magrelli


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