Takane Ezoe & Modourbano: 'design in the home of an artist'

A sophisticated blend of the elegance of a loft in Milan with the depth of a Japanese house

by Malcolm Clark
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Artist Takane Ezoe and MODOURBANO architects have designed the studio-house T House in Milan by Takane Ezoe, Modourbano. It stems from the needs of the client, an artist, to free spaces, rooms without a real dividing line between the public and private part.

The Studio has very specific characteristics: large, bright, comfortable, with the possibility of holding meetings with employees and of moving easily between works of great size, but which is, at the same time, simple and neutral where you can work without external contamination. In the vicinity of the studio there is a gallery/exhibition space, with an archive to store the artist's works in a practical way, where they can be conveniently handled for taking to exhibitions or events.

The house is dominated by the kitchen where you can comfortably prepare meals for a large number of guests and where social events can be organised. The living spaces are deliberately lean, characterized by maximum flexibility of movement, to freely configure the furniture inside it and to breathe without being oppressed by too many "objects".

The sleeping area, located on the mezzanine floor is an intimate, permeable but inviolable area, the master bathroom, as per Japanese tradition, is reminiscent of the stone and wood thermal baths, characterized by the large pool and relaxing lighting from below.

The functional layout refers to the traditional Japanese buildings where everything is "semi-open" and the spaces can be divided with the traditional sliding doors called fussuma or syouji, hence the idea of having open spaces and large planimetrically double volumes to enhance the strong character of this eighteenth century space in Milan, which, from its primordial use as a stable, has now become an elegant loft apartment.

In all the design choices, there has been a desire to preserve and enhance the distinctive character of this place, the stone capitals, the arches of the large windows and the large wooden beam of the gallery.

T House represents the sophisticated blend of the elegance of a loft in Milan with the depth of a Japanese house.

    T House in Milan by Takane Ezoe, Modourbano 124

    T House in Milan by Takane Ezoe, Modourbano

    Milan / Italy / 2012