"Out of Print": an idea, a project

An installation at 4 Cromwell Place during London Design Festival 2012

by Valentina Ieva
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With the growth of digital media we are faced with unprecedented levels of data. We now find ourselves at a saturation point. By attempting to consume ever more, we end up understanding less.

In this context, we find news and media redefined to fit our shortened attention spans. How do we make sense of all the information we consume and not get lost in the process? Through the use of traditional printing techniques we explore this question.

Using currently trending news we are building an application that allows users to generate seemingly random headlines. These headlines will then be printed using a custom-built letterpress.

The prints will form a growing collection exhibited as part of the installation. Both the print process and the software can produce unexpected results.

The distortions and juxtapositions in language create headlines that are profound and confusing in equal measure; not unlike our evolving relationship with digital media.

Out of Print is a collaboration between James Cuddy, Roma Levin and Danilo Di Cuia, and a team from Goldsmiths College.

James Cuddy is a designer with an interest in the intersect between tangible and digital objects. A graduate of Goldsmiths College, James has since worked with agencies in London and Barcelona and for forward thinking clients such as the Whitechapel Gallery and the V&A.

Roma Levin is a Russian bo rn designer and illustrator with a cross-disciplinary approach. Since graduating from Goldsmiths University and London College of Communication, Roma has worked in Moscow and London for a variety of clients ranging from Tate to Sir Bryan Ferry.

Danilo Di Cuia is a digital maker from Matera, Italy. He started programming before knowing anything about computer science and has worked on the web since owning his first dial-up modem. After studying graphic design and new media in Milan and San Francisco, he now works for small and big international clients, mostly nice people.

Goldsmiths Team: Hefin Jones, Elena Mourdjis, Monika Patel, Candyce Dryburgh, Verity Nichols, Daisy Saul and Katinka Schaaf.


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