Hotel Tierra Patagonia: like a pre-historic fossil washed up on the shore of the lake

Cazú Zegers creates a building drawn by the wind in the 'metaphysical' landscape of Chile

by Malcolm Clark
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The Tierra Patagonia Hotel, designed by Cazú Zegers Arquitectura, is located in the extreme south of Chile, in the National Park of Torres del Paine.
An extended project that communicates with the vastness of the territory and with ecotourism, very widespread in this land, which puts the visitor in close contact with Nature.

The 'territorial gesture' is that of a virtual body that adapts itself with internal and external routes. In the 'head' there is the Paine massif, the 'arms' are geographical landmarks that define the boundaries of the lake, the 'legs' are the access roadway to the site and at its heart: the hotel building.

The shape of the structure is derived from the shapes drawn by the wind, the natural characteristic element of the area. It does not intend to be an interference in the 'metaphysical' landscape of the place, but a delicate gesture of “addition”. The hotel is the image of an ancient fossil of a prehistoric animal, washed up on the shore of the lake. It takes on a shape that comes from the earth like a ridge in the sand drawn by the wind.

The project is anchored to the ground with stone embankments and entirely covered with wood panels treated to obtain the characteristic silver colour of the wood corroded by winter rains.

The spatial solution plays on its small scale and is structured on internal routes, sometimes bridges suspended over emptiness, animating the hotel.

    Hotel Tierra Patagonia 164

    Hotel Tierra Patagonia

    Torres del Paine / Chile / 2011