5 of the World's Most Architecturally Diverse Hotel Designs

This article looks at some of the most stunning and diverse hotel structures from across the globe

by Lewis Humphries
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If money were no object, what would your ideal home look like? Would its interior resemble a palatial abode, laden with gold fixtures and stunning features such as a Fernando and Humberto Campana banquet chair? Perhaps the exterior of the property would be surrounded by lavish gardens and flora, creating an inviting space for guests and residents alike.


For most of us, such aspirations exist outside of our budgets, so we must compromise and seek out affordable alternatives wherever possible. Make no mistake; however, there are a select few hoteliers around the world that have access to vast financial resources, which have been used to create some of the most architecturally stunning structures of the modern age.


5 of the World's Most Beguiling Hotel Designs


These buildings are at least accessible, particularly with corporate travel experts Reed and Mackay recently reporting that increased market competition is continuing to reduce the cost of business and economy class flights across the globe. So whether you are a recreational traveller or an international salesmen, the prospect of booking a short-stay in one or more of these hotels has never been as tangible as it is today.


With this in mind, let's take a look at five of the world's most stunning and architecturally diverse hotels, as we take a luxurious trip across the length and breadth of the globe: -


The Hotel Villa Honegg, in Switzerland

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If you are in search of solitude, whether as a recreational or a professional traveller, the Villa Honegg resort offers the ideal sanctuary.


A stunning example of rustic, early 20th century architecture, this mountainous hotel boasts 23 luxurious rooms, a state-of-the-art wellness centre and even a relaxing, heated infinity pool. Additionally, it offers stunning views of the incredibly picturesque Lake Lucerne, which serve as a backdrop for the type of understated and tranquil travel experience that is increasingly moribund in the modern age.


The Oberou Udivillas Hotel, in India

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This hotel is one that tends to have an instant, visual impact on visitors, thanks primarily to its palatial design and opulent, 18th century architecture. Also surrounded by rippling fountains and incredibly lavish gardens, it has retained a sense of tradition and luxury that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.


This stunning resorts also sits astride the banks of the beautiful Lake Pichola, while the sublime palaces of Rajasthan are located nearby. The fact that this hotel does not look out of place in such surroundings speaks volumes, as does the resorts global reputation for excellence.


The Cabanes Als Arbres, in Spain

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In some instances, luxury and opulence can be framed by the natural world and a resorts geographical location. This is certainly true in the case of the Cabanes Als Arbres in Spain, which sits deep among the foliage and within a breathtaking ecosystem that effortlessly combines comfort and simple, understated luxury.


Interestingly, the resort reflects decidedly simple and rustic architectural influences, but the spacious room interiors and the enduring glow of a roaring fire make it one of the most widely-respected hotels in the Western world.


The Ritz-Carlton, in Hong Kong

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In essence, the Ritz-Carlton in Hong Kong represents every business travellers dream. Not only is this the world's highest hotel (with rooms located between the 102nd and 118th floor), but it also sits within the region's thriving, commercial hub. With six dining venues and several grand banquet rooms, it is the ideal place to meet clients while enjoying a truly seminal travelling experience.


Heavily influenced by modern architectural trends and the penchant for clean, interior lines, the resort encapsulates the contemporary definition of luxury while also offering spectacular views of the nearby Victoria Harbour.


The Juvet Landscape Hotel - National Tourist Routes in Norway


From Sweden's Ice Hotel to this resort, Scandinavia is renowned for offering architecturally diverse and unique accommodation options to visitors. The Juvet Landscape Hotel deserves special mention, however, as its developers have adopted a minimalist approach to interior design while reinforcing the notion that a structure should blend seamlessly into its environment.


In this respect, it has something in common with the Brutalist Architectural movement of the 1970's, but the Juvet Landscape Hotel boasts a truly stunning exterior that leverages the beauty of its natural surroundings. With amenities also designed to leverage the surrounding environment, this hotel manages to engages the senses while helping visitors to build familiarity with the world around them.

  • Karlisa Costello

    The Juvet Landscape Hotel looks amazing. Definitely one for the books.

  • Clayton Thomas

    Seeing the Victoria Harbor from the Ritz in Hong Kong would be spectacular.

Juvet Landscape Hotel - National Tourist Routes in Norway 154

Juvet Landscape Hotel - National Tourist Routes in Norway

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