Whitepod Alpine Ski Resort: 15 igloos at 1700m above sea level

Angelique Buisson designs an eco-friendly structure in the Swiss Alps

by Malcolm Clark
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WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort, 15 igloo-like pods, pitched in the snow of the Swiss Alps, is located 1700 metres above sea level and was designed by Angelique Buisson.

The inside of each individual igloo has been designed to create the comfortable atmosphere of a room with a wood-burning fireplace and king-size bed, but also to enjoy the panoramic view of the snowy Alps outside. Each unit consists of a geodesic structure resting on a wooden platform and is equipped with a terrace.

At the centre of the “igloo village” there is a wood chalet containing the common areas of the hotel and a spa, where visitors can gather to eat and socialize.

Whitepod Alpine Ski Resort provides a low environmental impact design solution, in close contact with the natural alpine scenery away from urban pollution, as well as a totally new and innovative vision of hotel accommodation.

  • Sandra Lasagni

    At a first sight it's good for low environmental impact

WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort 194

WhitePod Alpine Ski Resort

Monthey / Switzerland / 2012