House T: life passes-by through large rectangular holes

Geometrical divisions and deconstructed spaces for Hiroyuki Shinozaki architects

by Malcolm Clark
1 Love 1664 Visits

Japanese firm Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects have designed House T as a home-art studio for a young couple of artists who live in the center of Tokyo.

The original design of the interior allows all levels of the floor to look like floating stages or, as the designers explain, “like bookshelf plates placed at different levels”.

The furnishings distinguish the functions of each “shelf” and define them as the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom or studio (this original room seems to appear out of the floor/roof).

Each stage/shelf is defined only by the columns which intersect three dimensionally in the center of the box. This simple structure is the focus of the spatial composition, consisting of a few yet unknown elements.

The lights go down from the upper floors to illuminate “the stage” and to move from floor to floor there are stairs that also look like props, resting on the stage.

In conclusion, this small house conceived as a large showcase, seems to come to life with its many rooms where light, entrances, passages, openings and different levels of privacy can be experimented.

    House T 87

    House T

    Tokyo / Japan / 2012