Bird’s Nest Atami

Japanese tradition and contemporary architecture connected in a Treehouse

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The tradition of tea and its ceremony it's quite old in Japan. I love tea, I love Japan -even if unlucky I’ve never been there- and moreover I love Japanese people and Japanese Architecture. They are so sensitive and nature lovers that all these is reflected in the Japanese architecture. For this last reason only a Japanese architect could build a treehouse as a tearoom! It's in his tradition and in his sensibility. 

The young Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura received a request to build a new tearoom on a tree from Takashi Kobayashi in Shizuoka, Japan. He was able to design a very special treehouse, something that link tradition with the cotemporary architecture!

Read more about it and discover all the story of the Bird’s Nest Atami!

Pic by Hiroshi Nakamura. All rights reserved.