Jean Nouvel at the 2013 Saloni: offices for living

The French architect will design an area inside the SaloneUfficio pavilion

by Valentina Ieva
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The 52nd edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile (9th to 14th April 2013) is giving a heads-up on an innovative project informed by myriad business demands. One of the most distinguished exponents of the architectural world, Jean Nouvel, Pritzker Prize 2008, has been commissioned to carry out a huge project dedicated to the Saloni, interpreting the tremendous changes that have changed the face of living and work spaces alike.

“In 30 or 40 years time we will be stunned to see just how unliveable most of today’s offices really were,” says Jean Nouvel. “Grotesque clones, standardisation, totalitarianism, never the merest hint of being pleasurable to inhabit”.

This concept of pleasure in office living is precisely what is driving “Project: offices for living”. It is a quest for new materials and new technologies for creating comfortable, effective, user-friendly and ecologically-aware environments. We need to inhabit our offices the way we inhabit our homes and our cities, because we spend just as much time in the workplace as we do in our own apartments, and everyone has a right to small pleasures – light regulation, emplacements, views, the right of expression through furniture and objects.

As Jean Nouvel says, the architect’s job is to interpret the technical, cultural and social changes of the age in which we live and to express them poetically in a quest for freedom.

A classic apartment, an industrial warehouse, a private house, a skyscraper, an industrial platform and a theoretical space will be turned into more user-friendly and enjoyable working environments, spaces unfettered by traditional rules, governed by the pleasure taken in working, in which everyone is free to build their own space according to their own needs, full of light and reflections.

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