Architects Building Peace

Kickstarter campaign to fund the book by Luca Sampò

by Claudia Lorusso
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Recently I found myself browsing through lots of campaigns on Kickstarter, the well-know platform which helps people to achieve their projects with the economical support received by the crowd.

Today I've stumbled upon this architectural project, Architects Building Peace, and you might be interested in knowing more about it.

This is a book by Luca Sampò which features the best stories of architects and engineers, from around the world, who have had the courage to leave the well worn path and get involved.


It is about architects who have never stopped training to be able to realize their dream: to help the poorest and disadvantaged communities in building better living conditions, and to help them become more resilient in case of natural disasters or wars; and to do it by themselves, with their own means, culture and technology.


This book is the result of five years of intense dialogue, research and study, with architects and engineers, on a huge number of projects that have been undertaken in recent years all around the world. It is the first, and unique, in its kind for its coverage of the approach to each project.
It is boldly and richly illustrated, with photos from the construction process, sketches, drawings (in large format) and behind the scenes information from the various stages of the creative process, including the participatory dialogue. 


Architects Building Peace investigates the social implications, the human dimension and the role of local cultures. Almost none of the selected projects have been previously publishedin the mainstream, or in printed media (in any case not before being in «Boundaries», see below “about me”).


The book seeks to answer the question “What can architecture do to eradicate poverty? How can architecture assist in dealing with the scarcity of resources? How can architects work in the presence of ethnic violence? (to cite a few)”.
As you flip through the pages, you will be surprised of how many projects have answers waiting to be heard, showing a commitment capable of questioning the present, challenging practices, beliefs and traditions, and imagining new routes that can foster the transition towards a more open and just future. 


Architects Building Peace is full of food for thought, it's a springboard, a starting point for a deeper understanding of the relevant role that architecture can have in improving the living conditions of people and communities; and also a discussion board (through the community I wish to create here on Kickstarter, and thereafter in other venues). 


It is not a book filled with super-cool images (even if most of the photos are really breath-taking) of glossy architecture, every project has its own errors and second thoughts, but these are only starting points trying to shape new roads, rich with dialogue, and tolerant about differences. 


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