Post+Capitalist City #2 Work Competition winners announced

The winner proposes dismantling Dubai to save the world and create jobs

by Malcolm Clark
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The winning project selected by Collage Lab for the 2nd post+capitalist City competition entitled Work was a provocative project by Aumele Dace and Gurecka Dace from Latvia. The project proposal is a system of work organization which is based on production of nature capital. Dubai and its endless skyscrapers in the desert are one of the world's biggest nature resource consumers. In Dubai the skyline of skyscrapers stops being an icon of progress and becomes a symbol of our global destruction. We see this skyline as a capsulated energy of means of production which should be released by a 56,000-people social power that are currently unemployed. A scenario for Dubai consisting of 3 steps: dismantling, recycling and reuse of all of the built fabrics and parks of the city, that could eventually multiply our earth ecological footprint three times. Second prize went to Marshall Ford from the USA for his fossilised supra-capitalism: a society supported, guided, and defined by uncontrolled work habits, misguided productivity-to-time-spent ratios, and relief in mandatory death.

This project establishes an expandable system with incredibly efficient office space that slowly deteriorates as its employees do. Thousands of cubicles literally become caskets which stack, providing structure for future expansion of the system itself and a fossilized monument to the victims of supra-capitalism.

Collage Lab hav also announced the new competition Live to define your ideas for a city with another culture of living and dwelling!

Groups can enter as many projects as they like.

The entrance fee for for early birds is 30 Euros (until December 1st) after that will cost 50 euros, although candidates from countries which are heavily indebted + Countries from the Eurozone officially in crisis will not pay anything.

The winning entry, judged by a jury made up of the editorial office of Collagelab and an invited guest with significant influence in architecture and urban planning, will win 65% of the entrance fees collected (after tax and expenses) while the second placed winner will win 35% of the final amount. There will also be honourable mentions for particularly meritworthy proposals while a selection of projects will be featured on the collagelab website and also on Archilovers, who are media partners for the competition.

Collagelab is a collective for research in architecture and urbanism and was founded in 2011. It investigates past and future space strategies as well as on-going developments of the built and non-built ideas, that represent society in time and space. It brings its on-going ideas to life by means exhibitions, competitions, workshops and other publications.

You can visit the collagelab website to submit your proposal and obtain more information here.