Arik Levy at Bisazza Foundation

by Roberta Pedrotti
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Experimental Growth by Arik Levy is the new exhibition at Bisazza Foundation. The show, from November 8th until December 21st, includes a structural modification to the architecture of the Foundation, a macro-installation called Rock Chamber and a video created expressly for the event Virtual Truth.

Arik Levy is an artist, photographer, designer, filmmaker. His works can be seen in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide.
Hailing originally from Israel and moving to Europe after his first participation in a group sculpture exhibition in Tel-Aviv in 1988, Levy currently works in his studio in Paris. His formation was unconventional where surfing, as well as his art and graphic design studio, took up much of his time back home. Following studies at the Art Center Europe in Switzerland he gained a distinction in Industrial Design in 1991.  Soon after Arik took part in prospective design project and participated in design exhibitions in Japan. Upon returning to Europe Arik introduces his ideas and innovative concepts as well as installations. Innovation, simplicity and experimentation permit him to create the new and translate the concepts into experience both in the art and the design world.

Rock Chamber is a monumental sculpture (7,65 x 5,97 x 2,6 m), covered by black mosaic tiles. It will be displayed in a huge room, expressly designed by Levy. As regards Rock Chamber, Arik Levy says: “This opus marks a transition towards monumental and functional sculpture on a large scale. Rock Chamber will be covered with mosaic tiles and will give the impression of a carbonized meteorite, which has passed through the atmosphere and arrived on the Earth. We are the prehistoric men of the future and this is our future cave”.