Etgar Keret 's House in Warsaw is the world's thinnest house

Centrala has created a 14 sqm building wedged between two pre-existing ones

by Malcolm Clark
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A month ago we presented the 150M Weekend House, called the longest house of the century...obviously the surprises for this period are not over yet. The Polish architect Jakub Szczęsny of CENTRALA designers' task force has, in fact, designed and created the world's thinnest house for the Israeli writer Etgar Keret.

Etgar Keret's House is a sort of art installation, 'wedged' between two existing buildings in Warsaw representing different historical periods of urban history.

The building, which covers a total area of 14 square meters, measures just 133 cm in the “widest” point and 92 cm in the “narrowest” one, but has it all: kitchen, study, bedroom and toilet...

    150M Weekend House 95

    150M Weekend House

    Cha-am / Thailand / 2012

    Etgar Keret's House 86

    Etgar Keret's House

    Warsaw / Poland / 2012