Decorating with Maps - Interiors for World Travellers

by Sophie Andersen
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Capturing the spirit of a world traveller in your own home has never been simpler – you can bring the world to your doorstep in no time! There are many inexpensive yet astonishing solutions that’ll sweep you off your feet, and some of them include incorporating world maps and globes into your home décor. If you would like to know how to transform your home into a globetrotter’s heaven – stay with us. Here are five fabulous tips on how to achieve that.

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Map-tastic patchwork

Covering your accent wall with pages pulled from the atlas is one of the best ways to pay homage to your favourite thing to do – travelling across the world! Their pastel shades will provide an ultimate source of inspiration for an overall colour scheme in your room, so don’t be afraid to use them – these will really complement your interior. Apply those maps using one coat of decoupage adhesive – start from the middle of the wall and overlap the maps for the best effect. Just have in mind that this kind of decoration is permanent – if you want it temporary, apply the maps to plywood and hang them to a wall!

Eclectic DIY dresser

Upcycle your old dresser in this amazing DIY project everyone will love. Transforming that old, unremarkable piece of furniture has never been easier – what appears to be paint is actually paper that’s glued in place; what seems like lacquer is actually clear varnish. All you need are a few world map paper napkins (depending on the size of your dresser), decoupage adhesive with a brush to apply it, and clear varnish with a corresponding brush. The rest is history!

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Take a trip down memory lane

Remembering the cities you have visited together has never been easier – apart from framing the photos taken at these places, you can cut out maps of those cities and frame them, too! Heart-shaped city maps placed into white frames and hanged on your baby blue wall will look beyond cute, and your loved ones will be thrilled to see a collection made up of all the places you’ve seen. Another way you can do this is by marking the spots on the world map – using bright pushpins on a sepia-toned map will do wonders for your interior!

Wanderlust-lover’s gallery wall

If gluing those world maps onto the wall is simply not your thing, there is a more sophisticated and elegant solution for your interior. You can always frame multiple maps and hang display them on a gallery wall, together with other framed family photographs. These will make a perfect balance between the old and the new. On the other hand, if you don’t like having too many things hanging on your wall, you can opt for two big pieces instead. You may want to get a pair of oversized maps in bright hues – these will fit perfectly into your monochromatic interior. Of course, you can always get high-quality custom world maps that are personalized just for your space. Just make sure that you have chosen black glass frames, since these will highlight the bright colours even more.

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Collection of globes to make your day

If you love collecting things, apart from globetrotting, coming up with a collection of globes will definitely make your day. Mixing different sizes, colours, and styles will make even the darkest corner of your room pop, especially if you transform these into one-of-a-kind lamps. An old school globe has always been a great part of household décor, but making a lamp out of it will certainly give this item another, practical dimension.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your home décor and make it globetrotter-friendly. World maps and globes are definitely some of the best solutions you can opt for, since these will truly transform your home and help you imagine your dream destinations and evoke your favourite trips or places you have lived at.