"The Archipreneur Concept" the book that can help Architects to grow their business

Architects, stop saying I wish and start saying I will!

by Claudia Lorusso
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It has been 10 years since I chose to enrol the Architecture Faculty in Bari. I never thought the professional reality for architects would have been evolved from then to 5, 6 years later.


In 2014, during the 14th Architecture Biennale curated by Rem Koolhaas, a research by Monditalia showed that the number of architects per capita had increased tremendously in the past years, especially in Italy

(as I mentioned during the interview with one of the CoContest's co-founders).


So, what can you do with an architecture degree then?

The answer could be: Be your own boss!


Develop Your Own Projects - Break Free of Billable Hours - Embrace Marketing: these are the main important suggestions you can find in the book titled "The Archipreneur Concept", written by Tobias Maescher.


The book takes its name from Archipreneur.com, the educational platform and international community for entrepreneurially-minded architects founded by Tobias in January 2015. Since then he has started to collect the experiences of those how have built a background in architecture or engineering schools and (after that) have re-invented themselves in new professional roles or as owner of a new business. (Here is the interview with the CEO of Archilovers.com)

The story about how an architecture student of the Bauhaus University in Weimar, approached the field of entrepreneurship is illustrated in the first pages of the book, but I have no intention to spoil the story :)

What needs to be highlighted is the aim of this book: "The Archipreneur Concept" offers help and advice on how to create products, productized services, how to develop ideas, projects and individual marketing techniques. 



"... .It's a common problem for architects (not knowing where to start to build a business). It's no secret that architectural schools provide very little in terms of business education. We are taught to value above all else and good designs often neglect the business side of how a project gets completed. " 


This book actually represents a path that will lead a recent-architecture-graduated student to understand what it has missed in his/her architectural education and become more confident with business models.


Learn more about the Archipreneur book: http://www.archipreneur.com/book/


Get inspired by successful stories with the free Insight guide with the 10 most popular interviews with top architectural entrepreneurs from “Archipreneur Insights” series.

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    Why so many new architects- Seems like software and the ease of use should reduce??