Antonio Citterio's Technogym Village has been officially opened

A 'campus' as an architectural translation of the philosophy of Wellness

by Malcolm Clark
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Technogym Village, a mansize 'factory' designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, according to the criteria of health and wellness at the workplace.

The complex covers an area of 150,000 square meters of which 60,000 are covered. This is the first example of Wellness Campus in the world: a cultural centre, a laboratory of innovation and production centre in which employees, customers, suppliers and guests from around the world can live a real experience inspired by Wellness.

The Technogym Village is home to the production facilities, the company's headquarters and a wellness centre equipped with a latest generation gym, conference centre, library and KM zero products restaurant.

The project is fully integrated into the “Romagna-Wellness Valley” initiative promoted by Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym, which aims to create Romagna in the first district of well-being in Europe, a laboratory of experiences to enhance the quality of life of people and use wellness as an opportunity for economic development for the territory of Romagna.

The design was inspired by the concepts of eco-sustainability and bioarchitecture.

The plant faces north and this allows advantage to be taken of the natural heat, ensuring a warmer environment in winter and cooler one in the summer months by reducing emissions from fuel consumption for heating and cooling.

The construction materials chosen ensure a high degree of thermal insulation and the opening system for the large windows exploits the natural air circulation to cool the temperature without the need for imposing air conditioning systems.

The concept of wellness also permeates the workplace: employees have access to a personal wellness program supervised by experts from the Technogym Research Centre, which combines the possibility of performing physical activity in the gym with workplaces designed for personal well-being in terms of posture, lighting and movement education.

A few examples: the offices are equipped with a wellness ball, the healthy chair that, thanks to its spherical shape, ensures an optimal balance between abdominal muscles and lower back, preventing back pain, some meetings rooms are available for all-standing meetings and facilitate movement, the corporate wellness centre offers a personalized program of physical activity free to all employees who wish to join and the company's restaurant serves saturated fat-free and low-salt content dishes.

Antonio Citterio says: “The Technogym Village is a vision come true. The design and construction of the complex involved our architectural office's translation of the architectural philosophy of Wellness. An original and exciting project from the point of view of design, space and materials. The a result, also thanks to the continued involvement of the client, is a source of great satisfaction for all of us.”

    Technogym Village 56

    Technogym Village

    Cesena / Italy / 2012