9 Elmstone: a concrete volume gives way to green

The sustainable approach by Daniel Marshall in New Zealand

by Malcolm Clark
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Located in a suburban context, 9 Elmstone House was built on the outskirts of Auckland, in the residential area of Remuera to be precise, which descends steeply northwards. Daniel Marshall's New Zealand architectural office has responded to the needs of a young family, who required first and foremost a garden on the ground floor for outdoor games.

The composition of volumes is divided according to the logic of concentration of spaces, dealing with the morphology of the site, to obtain a garden as large as possible.

The rooms are spread over three levels, each with a privileged view of the countryside and of the swimming pool. The main body has been closed with a single sloped roof to cover the whole extent of the house.

The bearing structure of 9 Elmstone was made of pre-cast concrete and also inside the house there are concrete elements, in order to exploit the advantages of thermal accumulation and the thermal mass of material that reduce energy consumption and ensure living comfort throughout the year.

    9 Elmstone 58

    9 Elmstone

    Remuera / New Zealand / 2010