Floriade 2012

The International Horticultural Expo closes this weekend

by Mauro Lazzarotto
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Since 1960, the Netherlands has hosted a major horticultural exposition every 10 years, the Floriade. This year’s Floriade theme is “Be part of the theater in nature; get closer to the quality of life.” More than 100 exhibitors representing 25 nations will embody this theme in five zones, connected by wooded areas.

Be a part of the theatre of nature! A theatre you’ll experience with all your senses, because you’ll be playing the leading role alongside nature. Where you’ll learn about nature and find out just how important flowers, plants, trees, vegetables and fruit are in our daily lives.

Floriade 2012: a world of fascination. Spectacular and relaxing. Educational and fun. Active and contemplative. Take a look on these amazing pavilions:

Spanish Pavilion at Floriade 2012. The construction criterion arises from the conceptual approaches that have resulted in the slogan “naturally diverse”, which highlights the importance of organic products, diversity and natural richness. The building arises literally from the land, slightly lifted in order to host the interior spaces of the exhibition.

Koda. Koda is one of the oldest estonian words, originally meaning “place for living”, and it is linguistically very close to the words kodu (“home”) and koht (“place”). The archetypal koda in its original form is still in use, even though its basic purpose has changed. Over time, completely new types of koda have appeared: places for making music and meeting others, blacksmithing, worship, all of which shows how deep the koda’s roots are in our culture.


    Spanish Pavilion at Floriade 2012 63

    Spanish Pavilion at Floriade 2012

    Venlo / Netherlands / 2012

    Koda 18


    Venlo / Netherlands / 2012