First IKEA Museum to open on 30th June

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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For 70 years, people have welcomed IKEA into their homes. Now it’s its turn to welcome people to IKEA's new home: the IKEA Museum that will open on June 30, 2016 in Älmhult, Sweden.

The IKEA Museum is in the original building that housed the first IKEA store, which opened in 1958 and closed in 2012 when the new store opened in Älmhult.

The exterior of the building has to large parts been restored to its original form, following the drawings of architect Claes Knutson: the arcade runs along the long side of the facade as well as a line of V-shaped pillars and storefronts.

The style - international modernism - is back in Älmhult while the interior has been created to meet the needs of a modern museum.

The IKEA Museum is for anyone that's interested in the story of IKEA.

The Main exhibition takes you on a journey through different times and contexts.

Here, they share everything that makes IKEA what it is today - the ideas and driving forces, the people and furniture, the mistakes and lessons learned.

The Main Exhibition at the IKEA Museum is divided into three themes: Our Roots, Our Story and Your Stories.




At the IKEA Museum you'll also find a Temporary Exhibition, #IKEAtemporary, which at the moment is focusing on life in an around the kitchen. Here, there is lots of space for imagining what life at home will look like in the future. This exhibition was first shown at the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair.

The IKEA Museum also has a restaurant and shop and even offers an educational programme. 

    IKEA Museum 12

    IKEA Museum

    Älmhult / Sweden / 2016