My 5 Favorite Asian Inspired Home Designs

Calmness and tranquility of home brought to you by Asian house designs.

by Candice Larson
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Asian-style interiors instantly evoke an image of serenity and tranquil calm. With most of us engrossed in a fast-paced urban lifestyle, it helps immensely when we can come back home to a peaceful abode that allows us to escape this never-ending rush. Asian-themed interiors accomplish this goal in inimitable style by ushering in harmony and balance. But creating an Asian-inspired room is much more than just adding a few distinct decorations. It takes care, precision and a clear thought process that allows you to do away with the unwanted additions.

Below are some ideas you can pattern with designs on kit homes:

1. Zumbro Zen

An energy-efficient and sustainable home Designed as a series of three linked pods that strikes a quiet and respectful pose on this naturally wooded site.

2. Lively colors

It is a common misconception that the Asian interior design was deprived of bold and vibrant colors. Actually, the truth is quite different. The living ideas are only really Asian, if they use meaningful accents within a neutral, peaceful atmosphere. Mind the lovely pink of cherry blossoms. Continue to use like wonderful red.

3. Organic and sustainable design

This aspect of the Asian interior design is essential and important for the people who want to make their home environmentally friendly. Frequently used materials include sustainable bamboo blinds, woven tatami mats, soft polished River stones, plants in pots and thickets. You versuct the nature and their desire to imitate and to come this way to perfect harmony itself.

The rule that the small details make the difference applies particularly at the Asian interior design ideas. Make sure that you choose as organic and sustainable furniture. Just so you are can give the Interior of your home a pretty Asian style.

4. Sweet Feng Shui

The art of feng shui has been practiced in ancient Chinese cultures for centuries but is now being integrated into Western interior design and architecture. According to feng shui, everything has a positive or negative energy. In order to balance these energies, designs must be carefully thought out to create an overall feeling of harmony in a room. Designer Marie Burgos incorporated natural feng shui elements into this Asian-style master bedroom, including the color scheme, bamboo platform bed, hand-forged drum side tables and traditional Japanese shoji screens.

5. Hang Wall Decor

Painted panels with Asian lifestyle scenes, animal paintings and rice paper ink drawings all go well in an Asian inspired living room.