The 'material paradox' Lanfranco Pollini's corten house

A discreet and silent but volumetrically complex sculptural presence

by Malcolm Clark
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The holiday house designed by architect lanfranco pollini is located in the heart of Lignano Pineta, a short distance from the sea and from the centre, in a small lot adjacent to other houses and full of native vegetation.

A seemingly discreet and silent presence, which fits in well amongst the pines and tall trees with clever use of a Corten steel cladding, a presence that becomes increasingly disturbing and refined as we enter into details.

The conditions imposed by the natural history of the site have had a great influence on the architectural choices of this project, which are, however, adapted to modern requirements with a total reinterpretation of forms and architectural envelopes.

In this project, there has been a precise analysis of volumetric forms that tend to maximum simplification in terms of area, despite having an inherent complexity.

The project aims to reassert the need, beside historical knowledge for complete inventive freedom. In the selection of exterior finishes, it emphasizes a building whose materials recall the colour and texture of the garden and of the surrounding countryside, from the wooden slats whose colour “blends” the house to the ground, broad surfaces covered with corten steel sheets which over time will change colour to that of typical clayey soils.

I am fascinated by this material”, asserts architect Pollini, “corten steel is a material paradox, but that is what makes it so interesting ...”.

Architect Pollini has used large glazed surfaces to make the external walls as transparent as possible so that the space and the view can flow easily between one area and another, between inside and outside and vice versa.

In terms of its distribution, the house consists of a basement area that comes to life through the creation of a large atrium on which both the swimming pool and part of the house overlook, as well as a high fence completely covered with jasmine.

On the ground floor there is the living and sleeping area and going upstairs to the attic, by means of a white steel staircase with steps covered with Burma teak, like in all the villa, there is another quite large room. The swimming pool which has a completely glazed wall overlooking the internal atrium is of particular interest.

    CASA in CORTEN 38


    LIGNANO PINETA / Italy / 2011