Tablehat: a haven of peace in a residential area

Minimalism and flexibility for Hiroyuki Shinozaki's Japanese café

by Malcolm Clark
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The work performed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki for Tablehat, in Japan, consists of an extension of a two-storey house to create a café and home in the residential area of the town of Odawara.

The new structure, combined with the existing reinforced concrete construction, was made with wood and consists of ten modular units with a square base and differing sizes, connected to one another. Each of them defines the function of the individual spaces, moreover equipped with suitable furniture, lighting and plants.

Each room can offer at the same time a reading place, a meeting place for guests, as well as a space to enjoy the view of the trees in the garden, according to a vision of extreme functional flexibility.

The alternation of closed and uncovered spaces, identified by transparent panels, implies an indefinite separation between the interior and exterior, resulting in a quiet place to have a coffee and relax as if you were sitting in a green park outside.

    Tablehat 83


    Kanagawa / Japan / 2011