Cities and Memory - the Architecture and the City

Portuguese architect Marta Vilarinho de Freitas depicts through her illustrations the architecture universe and the fantasy world it can provide

by Marica Pizzutilo
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Marta Vilarinho de Freitas is a Portuguese architect, graduated in architecture in Oporto, in 2009.

Drawing has always been one of her passions, and for this reason she has been developing a project entitled "Cities and Memory - the Architecture and the City", a set of illustrations that focus on the architecture universe, and the fantasy world it can provide.

Her drawings define the space, the plain white sheet, and they also set architecture as the protagonist. There is the appeal for the architectural design and its unique, distinctive and extremely fascinating universe. These illustrations are a personal view of cities, a journey through the imaginary of architecture. "The Architecture and the City" lets you explore the world, departing to its discovery through the design, and therefore, telling the story of these lines, these cities and the life that inhabits in each of them. In her drawings, Marta explores the detail, the contrast between fantasy and reality, and dichotomy of past/present. She promotes the illusory character and imagination, combined with architectural precision, construction, the world in black and white or dipped in color. She elaborates with detail the main features of each sketch and city by meticulously recording the details that, gradually, will fill out and represent their cities.

Images © Marta Vilarinho de Freitas