Contemporary Hotel Design in Croatia

About history, heritage and the future

by Arkan Zeytinoglu
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Hotel Design in Croatia
by Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects

Hotel Royal, Opatija, Rendering: miss3 s.r.o.

During the last four years, Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects designed as well as redesigned four hotels in Croatia: The hotels Ivan, Royal, Milenij and Jure.


Hotel Ivan 4*S, Sibenik, Redesign - The existing hotel complex with 400 guest rooms – directly beside the sea and embedded in an extensive woodland promenade – was built in the 1970s by the architect Professor Magas. It is an example of a clear, pavilion-type architecture; the task here was to subtly implement a new concept in this building complex. Accents from the vegetation of the surrounding Dalmatian landscape with its olive trees, fields of lavender and layers of stone provided the inspiration for a gentle renovation of all the bedrooms, the entire public area and the gardens. Immediately upon entering the building guests are met by newly designed green oases and gardens with vines.

Hotel Ivan 4*S, Sibenik, Hotel bar

Hotel Ivan 4*S, Sibenik, Lobby


5*Hotel Royal, Opatija, New building - The new Hotel Royal is erected on the site of an existing building. Together with the Villa Kamelija, the 5*hotel forms a new ensemble in which history, in the form of the existing square and buildings that can be ascribed to the world of Italian architecture, and the conservation authorities’ requirements were integrated in a new concept. The hotel consists of generously dimensioned public areas with lobby, lounge restaurant and a two storey garage as well as the bedroom floors with 54 guest rooms. The aim was to establish a relationship to the imperial history in terms of aesthetics and tradition and to reinterpret it.

5*Hotel Royal, Opatija, Restaurant/Bar, Rendering: miss3 s.r.o.

5*Hotel Royal, Opatija, Guestroom, Rendering: miss3 s.r.o.



5*Hotel Milenij, Opatija, Redesign - The guestrooms of 5*Hotel Milenij in Opatija were given a complete redesign. Opatija’s renownedness as a pleasant holiday resort as well as the roots of hotel Milenij date back to the Habsburgers’ monarchy. The redesign of the rooms reinterprets history and heritage and puts it in the context of a contemporary hotel design.

5*Hotel Milenij, Opatija, Guest room


4*S Hotel Jure, Sibenik, Redesign -The redesign of the existing hotel complex with 400 guest rooms and the public areas involved both adaptation work and extensions. This pavilion complex was built directly beside the sea in the 1970s by the architect Professor Magas. The Lobby Beach area was redeveloped and, together with a "Starfish Bar", creates an intermediate zone that mediates between the outdoor complex and the partly air conditioned internal area. In thematic terms the Spa Club, positioned between the bar and the pool, spans a bridge between the outdoor pool and the hotel.

4*S Hotel Jure, Sibenik, Lobby, Rendering: miss3 s.r.o.


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