formwerkz surrounds the Park House with a 'ribbon' of concrete

In Singapore an 'inverted' house with a view of the park

by Malcolm Clark
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formwerkz's The Park House is located in the north- eastern corner of Singapore and overlooks a large park near the sea. It is a house designed for a middle-aged couple that frequently has guests.

The house is structured so that the sleeping area is downstairs and the living area is on the upper floors. The bedrooms are in the shade and enjoy the privacy of the garden and the boundary walls, while the common spaces, upstairs, ideally connect with the park.

The main feature of the house is a two meters wide "bridge", which extends around the whole top floor and serves as the canopy of the car porch below. This concrete 'ribbon' cantilever, which is “hosted” above the garden, shades the bedrooms on the ground floor.

    The Park House 45

    The Park House

    Singapore / Singapore / 2011