Why is it Essential to Architectural Design?

by Emma Sturgis
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Daylighting is an architectural trend that's not going anywhere soon. But what does it really offer homeowners? What values and benefits will you bring to your property when you use daylighting? Here are just a few examples.


It Reduces Energy Consumption

Using natural light inside your home can greatly decrease your utility bills. While it's true that light bulbs don't use significant amounts of power on their own, your overall energy expenses can really add up because of a dozen lights operating inside a single property over a number of years. When you install more windows instead of more light bulbs, all that energy money goes right back into your pocket. You don't even have to worry about overheating or thermal loads; thanks to modern advances in architectural design, heat mirror films can deflect the temperature of the sun.


It Creates a Striking Aesthetic

Windows are more than just a pane of glass stuck inside a wall. They can also be gorgeous design elements which complement the rest of the interior. According to an expert from Gilkey Windows, the natural light created by daylighting creates a unique warmth which light bulbs cannot replicate. This is why the inclusion of windows and the use of natural light will usually enhance any design.


It Increases Property Value

Windows add both interior and exterior appeal to a home. From the outside, they can cut a beautiful and unique figure that sets your house apart from others in the neighborhood; on the inside, they'll paint your rooms with the golden glow of natural sunlight. Windows with special fixtures like tinted glass or built-in insulation can also be bartered for a higher asking price when you're ready to sell. Talk to a specialist to learn more about what you can do with high-tech windows.


It Can Supplement Eco-Friendly Design Elements

Daylighting is often designed with eco-friendliness in mind. For example, you can arrange your windows to reflect an optimal amount of sunlight towards your photovoltaic panels, or you can create sunrooms and greenhouses to boost the returns of your vegetable garden. The sun is a powerful resource, and when daylighting is used in conjunction with eco-friendly practices, the results are both convenient and sustainable.


These are just a few reasons why daylighting is such an important and invaluable addition to modern architectural design. Whether you're building a brand-new home or just renovating your old one, consider daylighting the next time you draw up blueprints.