Abstraction active: a loft dressed in white in Paris

Smoothcore designs a light project with a staircase as protagonist

by Malcolm Clark
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Paris office Smoothcore Architects have completed the project Abstraction active, a loft in Paris that revolves around a sculptural staircase and a total white way of life.

The "inhabited" staircase is the true protagonist of the environment. It connects the house to the beautiful terrace extending the connection function to become a place of rest and even meditation, with the many books it contains.

This loft provides a good illustration of the office theories that go towards an "active design" and the refusal of figurative architecture. The staircase does not allude to any predefined "style", not even a certain constructivism that it also brings to mind.

The staircase seems to take over the scene in a natural way, a unique and surprising object that connects perfectly with the simple and rigorous geometries of the rest of the house.

The partitions, made with cupboards and bookshelves instead of walls give depth of field, reflections and transparencies in a context of great rigeur of white on white.

    Abstraction active 271

    Abstraction active

    Paris / France / 2011