The work on SOM's Infinity Tower is almost complete

The 'dancing tower' will be the new landmark of Dubai Marina

by Malcolm Clark
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The work on the Infinity Tower in Dubai, the 75-floor tower designed by the architects from the Chicago office SOM - Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP, is almost complete.

Designed in the Arab Emirates, Infinity Tower is located in the luxury quarter of Dubai Marina and stands out for its characteristic twisting shape which gives it the appearance of a “dancing tower”.

Inside there are shopping centres, 456 residential units, a children's centre, a health centre and a covered swimming pool. The structure is made up of imposing reinforced concrete columns which are gradually moving from floor to floor in order to obtain the distinctive spiral movement.

Four corners of the tower will be lit with lights designed by Italian firm lightingwear from Treviso which won the competition. In order to highlight the rotation effect, the profiles of the tower have been highlighted by using Led Smd RGB for a total consumption of only 33 KW to supply the 102,000 leds which define the figure at the corners.

The work is expected to be completed by October 2012.

    Cayan Tower 62

    Cayan Tower

    Dubai Marina / UAE / 2013