Balance between old and new in the work of Archiplanstudio

Project precision and energy coming from the imperfect element

by Malcolm Clark
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APPARTAMENTO AL, Lacucina restaurant or the Summer house in Pozzolo provide a summary of the design path that ARCHIPLAN architecture office has been following for years.

The attempt is that of keeping together two worlds, the old and the new, in a balance capable of protecting the identity of both, in which light and shade are maintained in their ambiguity and plurality, without sacrificing the reasons of the one to the detriment of the other. The precision of the day and the sensuality of the night held together by a narration which translates them into a form capable of containing the other degree of ambiguity. The precision of the element with a strict design, alongside the imperfect element in which the action of time has transferred an unusual energy to the material.

It is an architecture which investigates the “not-said” and furthers the rules of poetry intended as a form capable of determining unexpected and dawning knowledge. Beauty can be found anywhere and it is not connected to the intrinsic value of the material. It is to be found above all in the fragments, in the evocative forms and in the relations

“I believe that the “relations” represent the most important theme of our project path” - says architect Cisi - “It is the way the things that the things generate a new knowledge and a new beauty relate. Our privileged relations attempt to keep together opposites, like force and fragility, the perfect and the imperfect, the polished nature of an item of furniture rolling off the production line with the unpredictability and the materials fallen into a state of abandon. Each project thus represents a path and an attempt to summarise these questions”.



Mantova / Italy / 2012

Ristorante Lacucina 53

Ristorante Lacucina

Mantova / Italy / 2011

Residenza estiva 57

Residenza estiva

POZZOLO (MN) / Italy / 2007