Top 5 Trends in Outdoor Living for 2016

Hottest outdoor living trends that influence the look, feel and function of outdoor spaces in 2016.

by Chloe Alexander
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Spring is finally here, and it’s time to start looking forward to higher temperatures and nice weather that’s best spend outside! This means that, if you’re lucky enough to live in a house with a backyard or at least a patio, now is the time to plan exciting ways to redecorate your outdoor space. No matter the season or the region, outdoor living spaces are always a desirable home addition and increase overall value of every home. So let’s take a look at some of the hottest outdoor living trends for 2016!

"Bringing the indoors outside" is a growing trend over the last past years. Photo souce:


1. Cooking & Dining Under The Stars

The concept of outdoor cooking has grown to a whole new level. We’re not talking about a basic grill and a bag of charcoal, anymore. Outdoor kitchens equipped with everything including kitchen sinks, trash bins, cabinetry (and even pizza ovens!) are more desirable than ever. Another popular feature, fire pits or fireplaces, is an outdoor addition to your home that instantly transforms your garden to a place where everyone wants to be! Make the most of your beautiful outdoor space and complete it with areas to cook up delicious meals to share with friends and family. These extensions of the home offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day to its fullest.

Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Appliances. Photo Source: Housely


2. Pretty Up Your Front Porch or Garden With Warming Features

Boost your home's curb appeal and have even more fun in your favorite outdoor space by adding warming features. Let there be light! Add style and light sources on the deck or in the garden with lanterns, candles, tiki toches, paver or wall lights or other light fixtures. Garden lights can brighten any occasion, from large family barbecues to perfect intimate atmosphere on the back patio, as well as add an element of beauty and security to your garden space.

Outdoor lights add an element of beauty and security to your garden. Photo source:


3. Wake Up Your Outdoor Space With Color

Add more color to your garden by painting fences, arbors or even the house! Perk up your patio or landscaping with a color that complements your home's exterior and sets off plantings. A fresh coat of paint is an easy and affordable way to breathe in new life into your outdoor space. Choose a shade that blends with your house or garden, or go bold with an unexpected shade. Whatever you choose, the right color could be the pick-me-up your yard needs.

Adding a bit of color by painting the fence or just adding some colorful cushions will transform the look of your garden.


4. Leisure Without The labor

Time to just sit and relax is a luxury for most of us. No surprise that one of the emerging trends is creating outdoor spaces that you won’t have to spend more time maintaining than enjoying! Today we can create all the beauty in our backyard, patio, garden, poolside or porch without the back-breaking and time-consuming upkeep. Manageable maintenance is best achieved by thoughtful plant selection and outdoor furniture made from Sunbrella or microfiber synthetic fabrics upholstery that will ensure all year round weather-proofing and no maintenance, other than occasional wipe with a cloth.

Outdoor furniture made from easy-to-maintan materials like Sunbrella or microfiber synthetic fabrics continue to drive demand. Photo source: Divano Living

5. Bring The Indoors Outside

Maybe the hottest of outdoor living trends is creating outdoor living rooms which function as extension of the living areas of your home. Turn any outdoor space into a stylish and comfortable space that follows the style of your house. It’s not about putting a dining table on the patio, anymore. Make it truly feel like a "room," by adding deep seating furniture, outdoor area rugs, furniture pieces, cushions and throw blankets made of weather-resistant materials. Comfortable seating area is a must, and other outdoor accessories that you can add to your outside space are as abundant and available as they are for interiors. Everything you have inside, you can have outside!

A growing trend over the past few years is the movement toward "bringing the indoors out" by creating "outdoor rooms". Photo Souce: Divano Living Outdoor Furniture

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