Benefits Of Fabric Walling Vs Wallpaper

Fabric upholstered walls

by Mille Couleurs London
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A professional can easily fix wallpaper to walls, however using fabric instead adds a certain finesse and elegance that only fabric can provide.

They are many advantages to choosing fabric over wallpaper.

They are many fabrics available today and each with different feel and texture.

Fabric’s textural qualities are especially desirable in a room where the other walls are smooth and hard. Linens, hand-loomed materials create interesting contrasts and softening backgrounds when juxtaposed alongside high-gloss lacquered or wood surfaces.

Richly textured textiles also look especially good in the company of metal and glass furniture as well as hardwood floors not covered with rugs or carpets.

One practical asset of fabric is its acoustic properties. If only one wall in a room is covered, it will not make much of a difference in the ambient noise level.

Upholstered walls, on the other hand, will greatly reduce the decibel count.

Whenever upholstered walls are mentioned, people automatically think of exotic and pricey surfaces or old Victorian houses. But this kind of covering does deserve serious consideration, since the upholstery process performs more than just a decorative or acoustic function.

Upholstered walls is perhaps well in environments where they visible issues with the walls such as bowed walls, cracking and blistering plaster and other conditions difficult to repair. These issues can be successfully with fabric walling.


However, with wallpaper, all visible issues on the walls will need to be fixed before being decorated otherwise all the imperfections will show through.

Fabric walling is not just for Victorian or old houses, it can also be used in contemporary homes, apartments, offices, study room, cloackroom, lounge, etc..

A simple contemporary-style bedroom can be made quite elegant simply by upholstering the wall behind the bed. The same fabric can also be used to cover the base of the platform bed.

To heighten the decorative effect, form upholstered headboard can be used as well. This combination will further enhance visual interest created by the differences in texture between the reflecting glass and the soft upholstery.