Georgia: a service station designed by J. Mayer

Huge concrete tracks along the motorway

by Malcolm Clark
3 Love 1977 Visits

On the E60 motorway in Georgia frightening concrete tracks of what looks like an outsized tank have appeared. No fears though, it is only the Rest Stop Socar, a construction designed by J. MAYER H. Architects, who were commissioned by the Georgia Department of Road Transportation to design 20 service stations along the new motorway that passes through Georgia, linking Azerbaijan to Turkey.

Two stops – explain Mayer Architects – have been completed, while a third is currently under construction. The new rest stops are located on selected scenic viewpoints along the route and serve as activators for their area and neighbouring cities. Not only nearby a gas stations and supermarket, but also a farmers market and a cultural space for local arts and crafts.”

Rest Stop Socar 33

Rest Stop Socar

Gori / Georgia / 2011