They're floors, after all!

Sebastian Erras captures the striking beauty of Parisian floors

by Valentina Ieva
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We often forget the beauty that lies under our feet. We think: They're floors, after all! German photographer Sebastian Erras reminds us of the beauty that we can find by taking photos of striking floor designs that he finds throughout Paris.


When he came back to Paris he started noticing all these different colourful tiles and mosaic floors in hallways, restaurants, galleries and cafes.


"The idea of photographing the floors came after a trip to Marrakech, where I visited the Bahia Palace. - he said - There I found some beautiful mosaic floors and while walking through the monument I started taking some pictures of these mosaic floors and included my feet as a reference that it is actually a floor. I work a lot in Paris, where I shot Interiors, and when I came back to Paris I started noticing all these different colourful tiles and mosaic floors in hallways, restaurants, galleries and cafes. So I started to do the same there and that’s when the idea of the whole instagram project “parisianfloors” started in May 2015".


"I see so many interiors on a daily basis and espacially in Paris that I decided to make something out of it!".

Rue de Rivoli

Rue des Petits Ecuries

Rue de L'Echequier


Gucci boutique

Rue du Tresor

Gucci boutique


Boulevard de Saint Germain, Cafe de Flore

Rue de Tresor, La Chaiseau Plafond

Rue de Rivoli

Rue de Bretagne, LeBar'Bouille

Avenue Emile Zola

Rue Interieure, Lazare

Rue Scribe, Palais Garnier


All images courtesy (c) Sebastian Erras


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    That's wonderful. A post with the feet on earth and with many happy moments...

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