Seaside single house: a house in Tuscany designed by modostudio

A home built with re-used stones coming from an old agricultural warehouse

by Malcolm Clark
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The Seaside single house, designed by modostudio - cibinel laurenti martocchia, is situated on a hillside overlooking the sea with a view of the islands in the distance, in the Natural Park of Monte Argentario.

The project involved the restoration of an old agricultural outbuilding that had been partially rebuilt with the same volume and using the stones recovered from the same building.

The pitched roof with terracotta tiles, deliberately recalls ancient technical solutions used in traditional local buildings, but with a contemporary look.

The new openings on the external surface create charming panoramic views over the sea on the main façades of the house, which lies on a slope following its natural course.

Outside the contrast between the recovered stone walls and the white plaster of the windows  enhance the building's massing and the relationship between solids and voids.

In addition to the desire to use recycled materials for masonry, the building's design carefully uses passive systems for energy production.

A solar panels system, placed in proximity of the building, not only provides domestic hot water, but thanks to the use of a heat pump, it also provides heating during the winter, through the radiant floor located throughout the interior of the house, and summer cooling.

Seaside single house 119

Seaside single house

Monte Argentario / Italy / 2011