Archilovers' Chrome Extension: be inspired!

by Claudia Lorusso
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Our goal is to inspire you everyday by providing the best of Archilovers in the easiest possible way. That's why we have developed and just released the new Archilovers Chrome Extension.

Every time you will open a "new tab"(ctrl + T or cmd + T) in your browser this extension will allow you to look at the outstanding photographs selected among the most liked projects chosen by the editorial staff to be featured on your screens.


If you want to look deeper into the project one click on the image will lead you to the project's sheet with more pictures, information, drawings and product tags. But that's not all: with the shuffle button the system randomly will show you other featured projects.

We didn't forget your productivity, in fact in this release we also have added the Google widget with direct access to all other tools and applications developed by bigG. You can also choose the display order of those apps simply moving them to the top of your favourites. 


Download the Extension here and let us inspire you everyday!