The Library: a minimalist hotel in Koh Samui on the coast of Thailand

Tirawan Songsawat design a complex nestled in the forest overlooking the ocean

by Malcolm Clark
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An elegant minimalist structure defines a lush setting near the Thai coast of Chaweng Koh Samui: the project THE LIBRARY, designed by Tirawan Songsawat, is a resort that distances itself from the monolithic configuration of the traditional hotel, it being made up of 26 suites/studio apartments, which are dispersed in the lush vegetation.

The building, which covers an area of 6,400 square meters, is surrounded by centuries-old trees that have been spared the developer's bulldozer.Each individual bungalow consists of a ground floor suite and a studio upstairs, with views of the ocean.

Designed to become a haven of informal elegance, the interior of The Library is characterized by minimalist style combined with strong hues, accentuating the presence of red and grey compared to the white floors and walls. The play of colours is also reflected in those which are the most representative elements of the complex, that is the swimming pool and the library.

The use of pure colour is rewarded in this action by the opportunity of experiencing the natural landscape of the beach and of the forest, with no distracting elements.

    The Library 85

    The Library

    Koh Samui / Thailand / 2007