Hydroelectric power station in Kempten: fluid force

German Architects Becker architekten's blend of form and technique

by Malcolm Clark
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German office Becker architekten has designed the new Hydro-electric powerstation of Kempten, by skilfully integrating into an already started engineering project.

The sinuous shape of the reinforced concrete gently embraces the technical parts, creating a series of effects. Some people see in it a smooth river stone, some a frozen wave or a beached whale, others say it looks like the shell of an aquatic animal and others liken it to different things. The most interesting aspect is the fact that every observer will give their own interpretation.

The new highly efficient hydroelectric power station located on the left bank of the river Iller has replaced an old 1950's power station, guaranteeing green electricity to about 3000 families, with a total of 10.5 million kilowatt hours of energy produced per year.

Situated in an old industrial area along the river, it is a successful grafting of modern architecture into a blend of industrial archaeology, partially abandoned but very evocative.

    Hydro-electric powerstation 81

    Hydro-electric powerstation

    Kempten / Germany / 2010