CODAworx Launches RFP Toolkit to Manage the Commissioned Art Process

by Angelica Marino
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(Guy Kemper: Children's Hospital of Alabama)


CODAworx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, has launched a new digital toolkit to make it easy to find and hire artists for commissions. The RFP Toolkit now has two digital modules available to help those seeking to commission artwork for interior, architectural, and public spaces. Intended users for the RFP Toolkit are architects, designers, developers, public art agencies, art consultants, companies, and other organizations involved with commissioning artwork installations.


The digital tools can be used together or each tool on its own. RFP Blast announces RFPs to targeted groups of creative professionals selected by the commissioning agent, and directs applicants to a unique Commission Portal. RFP Manage accepts applications, organizing multiple application documents into a single, visually consistent Application Portfolio. The software allows for applications to be reviewed simply and easily all in one place from any device, desktop or mobile. Results can be exported and shared for scoring by multiple parties.


(Daniel Goldstein: Light on the Lake)


The CODAworx website features over 3,000 commission projects with project values of nearly $800 million. The CODAworx database of leading international artists who create commissions is considered the best in the world. That database is now available for CODAworx customers to reach via the RFP Blast.


CODAworx, which manages RFP processes for multiple clients, developed the digital tools in response to difficulties it faced in its own work. “The RFP Toolkit brings efficiencies to all parties in the complicated, messy, previously offline process of commissioning art,” said Toni Sikes, CODAworx CEO. “This software provides our customers a way to reach the top artists, and then takes them through a structured process to help them make the best selection decisions. By simplifying the commission announcement-application-reviews and providing dynamic displays, we believe that these tools will encourage many more amazing art projects around the world.”


(Vicki Scuri:Rock Creek Pedestrian Bridge)


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