Tips for Dressing Like a Starchitect this Halloween

Pay homage to your favorite architect with these simple tips

by Angelica Marino
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Halloween is upon us and this year’s costume outlook seems to promise a sea of Princess Leias, Donald Trumps, and something with the intensely ominous name of “Pizza Rat”. If none of these sound appealing and you’re aiming for something less mainstream, more distinguished, yet still refreshing, why not impersonate your favorite architect? The architecture world is full of big personalities with unique and instantly recognizable styles that are sure to up your costume-game. And what better way to pay homage to an icon? So ditch last year’s Miley Cyrus costume, choose a starchitect, and get ready to wow your friends this Saturday!



Bjarke Ingels

As the young, svelte prodigy of contemporary architecture, Bjarke Ingels has made headlines this year with his cutting-edge structures popping up in New York City and around the world.


Get the look:

To get the perfect Ingels look, you’ll probably need  lots of hair gel, as Bjarke’s hair is at once unkempt and impeccably well-groomed. Spiked, side-swept, or disheveled, his hair is a key aspect of his youthful and modern demeanor. A T-shirt paired with a blazer will recall his casual, yet polished signature ensemble. And you might want to work on your accent!



Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid is the Lady Gaga of architecture. She’s best known for her unconventional, unapologetic personal style and her penchant for devising daring and original structures. Love her or hate her, Hadid’s talent has made her a household name. Her strong personality, on the other hand, has made her the center of controversy numerous times this year.


Get the look:

When she’s not designing swooping buildings, Zaha designs shoes and bags which look like something out of a sci-fi movie, so don’t forget to accessorize! Think big, unusually shaped, wildly colored and textured bracelets and bags, and alien-esque shoes which look like they could easily defy gravity. Your outfit should be generally black, draping, and textured. Most importantly, be sure to turn up the sass!



Daniel Libeskind

Despite his significant repertoire of master works – the master plan of the World Trade Center reconstruction, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and the Denver Art Museum, to name a few – Daniel Libeskind has gotten his fair share of criticism in the past for the sharp angles, jagged edges, and eccentric geometries which often define his architecture. Unlike many of his colleagues, however, Libeskind responds with his trademark cool, calm, collectedness, and a deep confidence in his architectural know-how.


Get the look:

The key term here is “all-black”. Daniel is almost always seen wearing all-black attire, topped off by a leather jacket and his black-framed, rectangular specs. Plaster a confident, toothy, authentic smile on your face to complete the look.



Michele De Lucchi

Esteemed Italian architect Michele De Lucchi  has contributed to the design of countless office buildings, including structures for NTT in Japan, Deutsche Bank in Germany, Novartis in Switzerland, and many others. He is best known for having pioneered a technical and aesthetic revolution of the workplace in Italy. De Lucchi exudes artistic know-how, having projected spaces and exhibitons for the Triennale in Milan, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, and the Neues Museum in Berlin. His innate genius is further expressed through the handcrafted products created for his design company, Produzione Privata.  


Get the look:

This is an easy look to adopt, especially if you’ve fully embraced the recent come-back of the full-grown beard. Pair this with his distinct wooden-framed glasses, a tailored yet basic get-up, and a likeable smile to perfectly resemble this Italian icon.



Charles & Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames are undoubtedly the most important American designers of the 20th century. As the it-couple of modern architecture and design, they were the creators of countless buildings as well as instantly-recognizable, iconic design classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, a number of molded plastic and fiberglass chairs, and the Molded Plywood Elephant.


Get the look:

This is the perfect couple’s costume for architecture and design lovers. Ladies, to get Ray’s look, wear a white shirt and square-neck jumper and tie up your hair with a 50’s bow. Men can don the classic, mid-century tweed coat and bow tie.


Whichever starchitect you choose to emulate this Halloween, be sure to exude the confidence, severity, and playfulness innate in each figure. Remember, it’s not just the clothes that make the architect!


Happy Halloween from Archilovers!