Simon Kämpfer

Designer London / United Kingdom

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Simon Kämpfer
Simon Kämpfer is a London-based product and interior designer. Originally from Switzerland, he studied ceramic design in Bern before accomplishing his second degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006.
Before establishing himself as an independent designer in 2011, Kämpfer worked at Ilse Crawford’s Studioilse in London. Under Crawford’s direction, he was responsible for the design of award-winning lighting, furniture and homeware collections.

Today, Kämpfer works on his own projects and also freelances for several renowned design studios and companies.

Clients include:
° Studioilse
° Universal Design Studio
° SevilPeach
° Design Academy Eindhoven
° Burberry
° Volga Linen
° Banh Mi 11
Simon Kämpfer
Simon Kämpfer

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