Sigve Knutson

Designer Oslo / Norway

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Sigve Knutson
Sigve  Knutson
Sigve Knutson

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Sigve Knutson (b. 1991, Norway) is an experimental designer based in Oslo. He obtained an MA in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016. His practice is motivated by a fascination for the intuitive and playful rather than the smoothened and planned. "The objects I make are all made by hand and therefore have a strong relationship to the body. I would say that there is a human – close – by- ness and perhaps something primitive in my work as a result of this working method. Material properties like weight and strength guide me towards designs that happen freely in relation to my own abilities as an amateur craftsman. The way I shape materials draws from the first known man-made objects, like the hand axe made of flint 1.2 million years ago. I believe I am searching for a connection to humanity’s collective creative past, for an anachronistic sympathy to the person who, a millenia ago, discovered that sharp stones work well as a chopping tool. I like to discover and show the viewer what the materials can do. I like to show the viewer how materials shape us, and we shape them. This leads to unexpected forms and functions, which can surprise even myself."